Trends in Terrorist and Violent Extremist Use of the Internet | Q1-Q2 2021

Our latest open-source intelligence (OSINT) report covers key trends in terrorist and violent extremist use of the internet identified by Tech Against Terrorism’s OSINT team over the past six months. This report aims to highlight the shifts in terrorist behaviour and tactics online, and seeks to inform more comprehensive, cross-platform responses to countering terrorist exploitation of the internet. Most trends outlined in this report have arisen partly as a consequence of improved content moderation by tech platforms in recent years, alongside the continued resilience and adaptability of terrorist networks online.

Key trends covered in this report:

  • Increased use of “cloud platform” websites
  • Increased and diversified use of the decentralised web
  • Resurgence of terrorist operated websites
  • Far-right extremist actors migrating to increasingly niche alt-tech platforms
  • Pro-IS content becoming more prevalent amid decline in official output
  • TVE supporter networks pose as news channels
<strong>Trends in Terrorist and Violent Extremist Use of the Internet&nbsp;|&nbsp;Q1-Q2 2021</strong>

Online Regulation Series | The Handbook

The Online Regulation Series Handbook provides an analysis of global online regulation, analysing over 60 legislations and regulatory proposals in 17 countries, and their implications for countering terrorist and violent extremist content.

The Handbook is based on analysis published throughout October and November 2020 for the first edition of our Online Regulation Series. All country analyses have been updated to reflect recent regulatory changes. For each country, we provide a summary of the regulatory framework and the key takeaways for tech platforms, as well as Tech Against Terrorism’s commentary.

Tech Against Terrorism The Online Regulation-Series |The-Handbook-2021

At Tech Against Terrorism our mission is to support the tech industry tackling the terrorist exploitation of the internet. Please see below, a report that displays our efforts thus far from Phase 1 in 2016 to Phase 3 in 2019 and a hand-picked selection of academic research and related articles.

Tech Against Terrorism 2019 End of Year Report


Tech Against Terrorism 2019 End of Year Report


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