Free, bespoke and one-to-one support for tech platforms seeking to tackle terrorist use of their services while safeguarding human rights.

Interested in joining the Tech Against Terrorism Mentorship? You can reach out at [email protected]

Since 2018, Tech Against Terrorism has mentored 50 tech platforms to help them tackle terrorist use of their platforms whilst respecting human rights and freedom of speech. Our mentorship programme also supports tech platforms in strengthening transparency and accountability mechanisms around their content moderation.

Through its Mentorship programme, Tech Against Terrorism’s counterterrorism and tech policy experts will assess a tech platform’s existing policies on counterterrorism, content moderation and enforcement mechanisms.

We identify strengths, propose areas for improvement, and develop a path towards resilient policies and processes. 


Policy Review 
An in-depth review of a platform’s policies and processes, with recommendations for improvements tailored to the platform’s specificities
Threat Intelligence
Open-Source Intelligence threat assessment of the platform, content moderation avoidance strategies, and practical recommendations for terrorist and violent extremist detection
Human Rights Review
In-depth assessment focusing on the platform’s online counterterrorism policies and practices to outline best practice in safeguarding human rights

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