Tech Against Terrorism offers mentorship services for tech companies who want to improve their internal processes and policies to better combat terrorist use of their services

1. Content standards

Having accurate yet robust content standards is vital to effectively tackling  terrorist use of a service. We complete a forensic review of a company’s content standards, including their Terms of Service, Community Guidelines, and other policies. We highlight areas in these content standards that are strong, and provide policy recommendations for areas that might need consideration.

2. Human rights compliance

We provide guidance to platforms to help them ensure that their policies and processes are created and enforced to preserve and enhance users’ rights.Companies are also asked to sign the Tech Against Terrorism Pledge, which consists of six guiding principles based on internationally recognised norms and resolutions on counter-terrorism and human rights. The Pledge provides a framework to ensure that companies will actively consider freedom of expression and human rights in their counter-terrorism measures

3. Transparency

We support companies to either introduce or improve on their transparency reporting processes, providing policy advice around standards to report on and, if necessary, support in data collection processes.

4. Content moderation

Companies are asked to complete Tech Against Terrorism’s self-assessment tool, a series of questions and problems to help us understand existing content moderation procedures, as well as outline areas where a company might require further support. We provide tools and resources to support in content moderation policy and takedown decisions in a human rights minded manner.


Tech Against Terrorism can also provide bespoke support in other areas as required. Companies will be provided with a Tech Against Terrorism team member that will oversee companies’ needs throughout the entire process.