How we are supporting the tech industry

Terrorists are opportunists who have become adept at exploiting technology and the internet for tactical and strategic purposes. As a consequence, large tech companies face increasing pressure to respond to the terrorist exploitation of their platforms, while civil society and human rights groups advocate for the protection of privacy and freedom of expression.

As a project, we are focused on supporting public-private partnerships and promoting industry-led self-regulation. We are calling for a holistic response from companies and governments that looks to address the root causes of terrorism and radicalization as well as the terrorist exploitation of the internet.

At Tech Against Terrorism, our mission is to support the global tech industry in coordinating its response to technological exploitation and then sharing guidance on emerging best practice for companies. Our focus is global and comprehensive. We support companies of all sizes from across the tech ecosystem including social media, storage, encryption, security, fintech, and e-commerce.

Our programme is a four-step process

  1. Assessments: Based on our research of the terrorist exploitation of technology, our programme will carry out risk and mitigation assessments to understand to what extent your platform is at risk of being exploited, and the effectiveness of processes currently in place to mitigate against this risk. Having completed both assessments, you will confidentially receive an aggregated score that will not be shared with any third party. The aim of the score is to provide you with an understanding of the level of risk you face in regards to your current mitigation processes. The assessments will be specific to the type of technology your platform offers: social media, communication, content storage, and fintech.
  2. Tech Against Terrorism Pledge: Once you have completed both assessments, you will be invited to sign our voluntary pledge: a set of six principles that underpin the project’s aims to promote and protect digital human rights.
  3. Tech Against Terrorism Trustmark: Once accepted as members of the Tech Against Terrorism project, you will be sent the Trustmark that we encourage you to display on your website to show your company is pragmatically taking active measures to prevent their platform being exploited and participating in industry knowledge sharing.
  4. Knowledge Sharing Platform: You will then be invited to access our Knowledge Sharing Platform, an online portal that will provide you with access to tools to help you protect your platform from harmful usage, and to provide you with the resources to identify and moderate terrorist content.