Are you a tech company interested in learning more about the ways in which United Nations agencies can support you in tackling terrorist use of the internet in a rights respecting manner?

Are you a researcher, government official, or civil society representative who is invested in supporting multilateral and international cooperation to tackle terrorist exploitation of the internet?

Are you a counterterrorism professional or law enforcement official interested in hearing about what cross-border schemes are in place to combat terrorism online, and how UN agencies are leading the way on this?

Several intergovernmental organisations carry out crucial work in the counterterrorism field, including tackling terrorist use of the internet. For our next e-learning webinar, we will together with our partners at the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Committee Executive Directorate (UNCTED) provide an overview of the work of UN organisations in the counterterrorism space, and how they relate to current initiatives aimed at targeting terrorist content online. The webinar will highlight work led by UN CTED and will include flash introductions by several UN agencies on their work on countering terrorist use of the internet.

UN representatives will present on how their work contributes to the global efforts of countering terrorist and violent extremist use of the internet whilst safeguarding human rights and freedom of expression online. Speakers will also discuss how public-private partnerships can support tech companies in tackle terrorist exploitation of the online space. As an attendee, you will learn more about avenues of cooperation between UN agencies and the tech sector, and more specifically about how UN agencies can support smaller tech platforms.

As always, this webinar session will conclude with a Q&A session that is open to all attendees to encourage open discussion.