Tech professionals: Are you interested in the intersection of technology and terrorism? Do you want to learn more about how the internet is being used by terrorist and violent extremist groups? Do you want to learn how you can protect your platform and your users from terrorist exploitation?

Government representatives: Are you interested in learning more about the online environment in which terrorists use the internet? Do you want to learn more about how your government can support and encourage the local tech scene in tackling terrorist use of the internet and engage with big tech firms?

Civil society organisations and academia: Are you an expert in counter-terrorism, counter-radicalisation or human rights? Do you want to play an active role in supporting the tech and government sectors in tackling terrorist use of the internet whilst protecting human rights?

In partnership with the Kingdom of Jordan, Tech Against Terrorism and the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism, are pleased to invite you to join the Amman, Jordan workshop on 18 June.

Tech Against Terrorism is an initiative launched and supported by UN CTED, which supports the tech industry through developing practical tools and advice for companies. As a public-private partnership, we work with tech companies, civil society, and governments across the world to coordinate tech responses to terrorist use of the internet whilst respecting human rights. Our workstreams cover fin-tech, e-commerce, social media, encrypted messaging, transport tech, content storage and file-sharing.

During the event, we invite academics, companies, governments, and civil society organisations to share assessments of the terrorist threat and discuss emerging responses to this challenge. Furthermore, tech companies will be able to participate in Tech Against Terrorism’s in-person training workshop to help build capacity against terrorist exploitation.

You will:

  • Gain expert insight through declassified threat assessments of terrorist use of the internet
  • Participate in best practice and knowledge sharing with leading industry experts
  • Learn more about the Knowledge Sharing Platform and the Data Science Network
  • Find out how you can become a Member or an Associate Partner 

Through this event, we will establish a workstream to build support for industry self-regulation to tackle terrorist exploitation of the internet. Whether you are a tech company, civil society organisation, or government official, this is your chance to make your voice heard.

Please note that registration does not guarantee admission. If you have any questions relating to the registration process, please email [email protected]