If you are a tech company and would like to register for the Knowledge Sharing Platform, and gain access to all of its research and analysis and guidelines, please see here.

Tech Against Terrorism is pleased to announce the launch of the Knowledge Sharing Platform in partnership with the UK Home Office.  

Our research at Tech Against Terrorism has shown that small platforms are in urgent need of support in building pragmatic ways to moderate content effectively.

The Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP) will provide technology companies the tools and resources they need to tackle and future-proof their services against terrorist exploitation.

The KSP contains expert advice on content standards, online regulation and transparency reporting. The KSP’s resources bank also includes:

  • A Compendium of Symbols associated with designated terrorist groups and violent extremist groups, including logos as well as other visual identifiers such as visual imagery, flags, and tattoos.
  • A Terminology Dataset containing general key terms and phrases used by terrorists and violent extremists, divided by ideology. 
  • An Online Regulation Legislation Table listing all relevant legislation covered in the Tech Against Terrorism’s Online Regulation Series, organised by country and date.
  • A Comprehensive List of Designated and Proscribed Groups including links to designation lists by democratic nation states and supranational institutions.

Users will also be able to undergo training developed by the UK Home Office and US Government’s Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Task Force.

Adam Hadley, Director of Tech Against Terrorism, said: 

The online world undoubtedly plays an integral part in modern forms of terrorism and extremism, and current trends are unlikely to change in the current global political climate. As we build new technologies, we need stronger safeguards to manage the harms they may bring. With the support of the UK Home Office, we are pleased that the KSP will provide a one-stop shop for tech companies, not only strengthening their reactive measures, but building proactive resilience also.”

Baroness Williams of Trafford at the Home Office said:

“We are delighted to support Tech Against Terrorism’s vital updates to the Knowledge Sharing Platform.

“Terrorists increasingly use the internet to spread their vile propaganda designed to radicalise, recruit, and inspire people, as well as inciting violence. Together with Tech Against Terrorism, we are committed to ensuring that tech companies of all sizes have the support they need to ensure that there are no safe spaces online for terrorists.”

Casey Ladisa, Content Moderation Specialist at Eventbrite, said:

When it comes to the KSP there are three main areas I find most helpful. The first is the webinar library that allows me to access those that I was unable to attend in real-time as well as re-reference ones that I did attend but want a refresher on something that was covered. The second is the Terrorist Use Of The Internet & Proscribed Groups section – specifically the list of terrorist terms and phrases and the list of terrorist logos and symbols. Having this as an additional resource is helpful when trying to get a large picture perspective around a specific organization or group that we are digging into for review. The last section that I find myself using is the useful academic resources to help provide more trusted sources for research and review.

Viktoria Moroz, Head of Moderation at Ask.fm, said: 

“ASKfm appreciates all the new resources that TAT provides for us, especially the Knowledge Sharing Platform (KSP). When we were granted access, we discussed new opportunities and the value of this platform in our team meeting, in particular online regulation for our legal managers, and visual identifiers of terrorist groups and violent extremist groups for media moderation on ASK.fm.”

Mariusz Żurawek, Founder and Owner at JustPaste.it, said: 

“Content moderation is a big challenge for the smallest platforms, especially due to the fact how inexperienced in this field they are at the beginning. There’s a lot of resources available, but without any guidance it’s hard to pick the right ones. KSP is designed to include the most essential information in one place with clear design. It allows you to gradually learn about different aspects that are essential in day-to-day activities, but also provides the ability to receive a deeper understanding of more sophisticated topics. It’s not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical one, like examples of how to implement basic reporting processes. What’s important is that in KSP you can also compare how the biggest players on the market resolve these issues and choose what works best for you.”

The KSP is a free platform for the exclusive use of technology companies. The platform will be updated and expanded to ensure that the resources are up to date and cover as much ground as possible.

If your company would be interested in accessing the KSP, please contact us at [email protected]