We are seeking feedback from tech companies.
Deadline for submission is 23:59 (GMT) on 15 February 2021.

We want to hear from you

Tech Against Terrorism is launching two consultation processes targeted at tech companies. The aim of these consultations is to gather insights on tech companies’ experiences with countering terrorist use of the internet, as well as feedback on our work in supporting the tech sector.

The two consultations are now open! Responding should take less than 10 minutes, and the surveys are entirely anonymous.

Our 2021 consultations 

You can decide to take part in both surveys, or only one of them. The consultation is open until Monday 15 February 2021. 

For any questions or media requests, please get in touch via:
[email protected]

Background to Tech Against Terrorism

Tech Against Terrorism is an initiative supported by the United Nations Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (UN CTED) in April 2017. We support the global technology sector in responding to terrorist use of the internet whilst respecting human rights, and we work to promote public-private partnerships to mitigate this threat. Our research shows that terrorist groups – both jihadist and far-right terrorists – consistently exploit smaller tech platforms when disseminating propaganda. At Tech Against Terrorism, our mission is to support smaller tech companies in tackling this threat whilst respecting human rights and to provide companies with practical tools to facilitate this process. As a public-private partnership, the initiative has been supported by the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism (GIFCT) and the governments of Spain, Switzerland, the Republic of Korea, and Canada.