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Tech Against Terrorism is pleased to announce that the first version of the Terrorist Content Analytics Platform (TCAP) will now include online content produced by government designated far-right terrorist groups. This means that we are expanding the scope of the first version of the TCAP from Islamic State (IS) and al-Qaeda content. 

The TCAP is a centralised platform of verified terrorist content designed to support new apps and smaller tech companies in identifying terrorist use of their services and to facilitate improved academic and algorithmic research of terrorist use of the internet.

When we announced development of the TCAP in 2019, we decided to initially limit its scope to officially branded IS and al-Qaeda material, with the intention to include other groups and other ideologies, including violent far-right extremism and terrorism, after launching the proof of concept.

This decision was taken because of two reasons. Firstly, in alignment with agile development methodologies we wanted to limit the scope in order to incrementally refine our content collection and classification processes and technologies. Secondly, by focussing initially only on IS and AQ content we wanted first to collect content about which there was consensus. We were also concerned about our role as a non-governmental organisation contributing to norm-setting, something that we believe should be led by governments through legal processes such as designation. 

However, based on our 6-month consultation exercise with tech companies, civil society, and academia, we understand the urgent and unprecedented need for the TCAP to support tech companies in dealing with content relating to designated violent far-right organisations. We have therefore decided to include designated far-right organisations in the first version of the TCAP set to be released in 2021.  

We believe that this approach allows us to make the first version of the TCAP even more useful whilst also addressing the concerns regarding the escalating threat from designated violent far-right organisations. By including government designated far-right groups, we: 

  • Limit the scope to official material, thereby reducing the risk of including potentially legal or non-terrorist content 
  • Avoid risking contributing to extra-legal norm-setting 
  • Increase tech companies’ understanding of far-right terrorist use of the internet and capacity to respond 

Our aim is still to continuously increase the scope of content hosted on the TCAP after proof of concept. We would like to thank everyone who has taken part in the consultation exercise for providing their feedback, insights, and recommendations.

If you are interested in contributing to the beta testing of the TCAP, please get in touch on [email protected] 

About the Terrorist Content Analytics Platform: 

The TCAP is a secure online platform that automates the detection and analysis of verified terrorist content on smaller internet platforms. This will represent the world’s first and largest structured dataset of verified terrorist content. The TCAP will support small tech companies in improving content moderation decisions where often the smallest platforms have limited resources to do this on their own. The platform will also facilitate secure academic research and analysis of terrorist use of the internet using the latest methodologies from advanced analytics and data science. This will help increase understanding of the threat and identify ways to improve the global response. Lastly, the TCAP will augment efforts to use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to detect terrorist content at scale. The platform will be available for use by vetted tech companies and academics, and will include oversight mechanisms to ensure content accuracy. Tech Against Terrorism is developing the TCAP with support from Public Safety Canada.