Tech Against Terrorism is supporting the tech industry tackle terrorist exploitation of the internet, whilst respecting human rights.

Our programme to support the tech industry.


Helping you evaluate the risk and advise on mitigation processes


Six principles ensuring the protection of human rights


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Tech Against Terrorism is working on behalf of the UN CTED to support the global tech industry to tackle terrorist exploitation of their technologies. We are here to support smaller tech companies with guidance of best practice in protecting their users and reputation. Want to know more about working with Tech Against Terrorism? Contact us now.

The latest news from Tech Against Terrorism

After the Taliban Takeover: How Islamic State-Khorasan Are Exploiting the Online Ecosystem and Projecting the Threat 

It has now been two years since the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Despite their claims to the contrary, foreign terror…

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Terrorist Content Analytics Platform: Second Annual Transparency Report 

The second Transparency Report of the Terrorist Content Analytics Platform (TCAP), outlined the progress of the world’s largest alert-platform for…

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The Disruption Report: July 2023

How Tech Against Terrorism is analysing and disrupting the terrorist and violent extremist threat online. We present a new quarterly…

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The UK’s Response to Terrorism Online: Tech Against Terrorism Responds to Launch of CONTEST Strategy

18 July 2023 – Tech Against Terrorism, a UN-backed online counterterrorism organisation, gives its reaction to the updated UK’s Counterterrorism Strategy,…

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