The Trustmark is part three of of our 4-step programme to support the tech industry.


Tech Against Terrorism’s Eight Requirements of Membership

Based on our consultations with the industry, academia, and civil society we have developed Eight Requirements which we believe will help companies tackle the terrorist exploitation of the internet whilst respecting human rights.

  1. Completion of the Tech Against Terrorism Assessment Tools (Risk and Mitigation)
  2. Agree to the Tech Against Terrorism Pledge
  3. Commit to add explicit prohibition of terrorism in Terms of Service
  4. Commit to improve transparency reporting
  5. Confirm the ability to receive and action reports relating to usage of their service in a timely fashion
  6. Nominate a point of contact for counterterrorism issues within the company
  7. Commit to exploring the new technological solutions including machine learning
  8. Consider working with civil society on counternarrative initiatives and positive campaigns



To qualify for use of the trustmark, requirements 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 must be met. Upon review and acceptance, your organisation will then be granted use of the official Tech Against Terrorism trustmark (inset-below). This signifies your to adherence to our requirements of membership.